Port Safety Induction system

The Port Safety Induction provides essential safety information to those needing to enter port-controlled common user facilities and areas.

Who needs to do the induction
People who need to complete the induction include port staff, contractors and consultants as well as other third parties with an operational need. For more information refer to cargo terminals entry & exit requirements. For those who need access to tenanted sites in the port, please contact the tenant directly.

Click the link below to access to the Port Safety Induction system:

Port Safety Induction system

For instructions on how to complete the induction, please click here.

You must view the induction in full and answer at least 80% of the test questions correctly.

You will not be able to fast forward or skip through the induction; you will need to view each module once to access the questions. Once you have viewed the induction in full and you have successfully answered the questions, you will be able to download your certificate.

If you do not successfully complete the induction, you will need to email induction@portofmelbourne.com to have your learning reset.

Choosing an appropriate induction
The type of safety induction you choose depends on the nature of your business. When registering for the induction you are required to enter a code. You have a choice of three codes based on ‘contractor types’:

  • Site only – for Port of Melbourne-site-based stakeholders or for those wishing to access a Port of Melbourne common user facility. (For more information see cargo terminals entry & exit requirements).
  • Office/site – for Port of Melbourne employees, contractors and consultants who need access to Port of Melbourne office and site areas.
  • Office only – for Port of Melbourne administrative and office-based employees, contractors and consultants only.

If you have problems with the system

If you have problems during the induction please email induction@portofmelbourne.com and give a brief description of the problem (including screen shots if possible) and list the operating system and browser you are running.

Minimum computer requirements to use the system

  • Internet Explorer 8+
  • Firefox 2 +
  • Safari on Mac 1.2+
  • Google Chrome
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled
  • Whilst not a requirement, Litmos is best viewed using a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768