Stakeholder Engagement Framework

Port of Melbourne is pleased to publish its Stakeholder Engagement Framework

As Australia’s largest capital city container and general cargo port, we play an integral role in the lives of our community and the economy.  Those that use our port, our industry and government partners, and the wider community around our operations are critical to our success, so it is essential that we understand their needs and engage with them in a meaningful way.

We are committed to meeting the obligations of our regulatory framework to effectively consult with Port Users, for example through our Pricing Order. But we also recognise that we need to move beyond compliance to strengthen our stakeholder engagement to achieve our organisation goals and benefit the wider community. This framework shows the way we can engage and sets clear expectations for our employees, contractors and stakeholders.  As we continue to grow and mature as an organisation, so will our approach to stakeholder engagement.

Click here to download the Stakeholder Engagement Framework

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