Community partnerships

Community partnerships

Port of Melbourne fosters a shared city-port vision and our commitment to the community goes well beyond the Port gate. Our unique location has allowed us to be at the centre of a rapidly expanding city, and we strive to play an active role that positively contributes to the communities in which we operate.


We play an active role in improving contributing across community and industry through meaningful partnerships, support programs, grants and sponsorships.


We support community events and activities which are:

  • run by not for profit community-based organisations which contribute to the vibrancy, sustainability and inclusion of communities around the port
  • iconic events which show the connection between the port and Melbourne
  • are based in key regional communities serviced by Port of Melbourne (e.g. Riverina, Tasmania).


To submit your community event or activity, particularly those with a port, maritime or educational theme, please download and complete our Sponsorship Request Form (PDF) and email it to us at

For more information

Please contact the Community Team on:

Tel: +61 3 9683 1565