2050 Port Development Strategy

The Port of Melbourne’s 30-year 2050 Port Development Strategy (2050 PDS) was published in 2020. It provides a roadmap for the future development of the Port. The PDS will be reviewed every five years and the review will include a wide-ranging stakeholder engagement program.

The 2050 PDS outlines the high-level plans and approach for developing the capacity and efficiency of the Port for the next 30 years, while also providing a planning framework which is adaptable and responsive to changing needs over time.

The 2050 PDS outlines ten key projects that will improve capacity at the Port and respond to the needs of a growing Victoria.

Several of the projects outlined in the 2050 PDS are in different stages of planning or delivery. We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders on these projects as they are progressed. More information on current stakeholder engagement programs can be found at https://www.portofmelbourne.com/current-projects/.

The 2050 PDS has been shaped by extensive industry, government and community consultation. We welcome feedback at any time. You can contact us at community@portofmelbourne.com

To help stakeholders easily see the changes from the draft PDS to the final version, we prepared a PDS Consultation Summary Report, which outlines key feedback, and where it is reflected in the PDS, where appropriate. Both the documents can be downloaded using the links below.

Download your copy of the 2050 PDS here

Download your copy of the 2050 PDS Consultation Summary Report here

View our media release here

If you would like more information on our 2050 PDS, please email community@portofmelbourne.com