2050 Port Development Strategy

The Port of Melbourne has released its 30-year 2050 Port Development Strategy  (2050 PDS); a roadmap for the future development of the Port.

The 2050 PDS outlines ten key projects that will improve capacity at the Port and respond to the needs of a growing Victoria.

A key part of the 2050 PDS is a transformative rail project to improve landside transport connections for industry.

The Port's plan for rail terminals supports the Government's intention to move more freight on rail. We are working with the Government to progress this project.

The strategy provides a framework for the next thirty years, yet it is also flexible to respond to evolution in the industry, and changing community requirements.

The Port Development Strategy 2050 has been developed in consultation with industry, key stakeholders and the community, with 190 stakeholders participating in the development of the Strategy (Stage 1).

Stage 2 and 3 are complete, and now we are at Stage 4. We are committed to working closely with our industry, governments and the community to develop the Port in an environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable manner.

A four week consultation period took place from November 12 2019 and several submissions were received. The consultation period for the 2050 PDS has now closed.

Submissions and feedback are currently being reviewed in preparation of the final 2050 PDS to be released in mid-2020.

Download your copy of the 2050 PDS here

Download your copy of the 2050 PDS Summary here

If you would like more information on our 2050 PDS email 2050pds@portofmelbourne.com