Access to Mobil’s infrastructure and pipelines at Gellibrand Pier and the Melbourne Terminal

Currently Holden Dock can cater for ships up to 12.1m draught and Gellibrand Pier can accommodate up to 14.7m draught.

Access to use Mobil’s infrastructure and pipelines at Gellibrand Pier, pipelines connecting Gellibrand Pier to the Mobil Melbourne Terminal, and fixtures at the Mobil Melbourne Terminal may be available to Third Parties on reasonable commercial terms (“Access Terms”). Click here for more information.

Third parties seeking access may do so by contacting to discuss and negotiate Access Terms.

This information is provided by Port of Melbourne Operations Pty Ltd (PoM) for information purposes only. PoM will not be liable for any third party using or relying on this information.

1 December 2022