Port of Melbourne Trade Update – August 22

Strong volumes have been seen in August as the traditional peak season commences

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August 2022 saw total container throughput (full and empty) up 9.5% over August 2021 with a total of 284,487 TEU.  Year to date container volumes are up 6.5%.

Full overseas imports were up 11.2% on August 2021 with strong trade flowing with the commencement of the traditional peak season,  whilst full overseas container exports were up 8.2% on August 2021, with raw cotton, wheat, cottonseed and hay and chaff above last year’s levels.

Total empty container movements were 7.9% above August 2021.

August 2022 trade performance compared with August 2021 was as follows:

Full overseas container imports (excl. transshipments)12.2% above August2021
Full overseas container exports (excl. transshipments)9.3% above August 2021
Total empty containers moved7.9% above August 2021
Bass Strait full container trade (excl. transshipments)7.0% above August 2021
Full container transshipments2.8% above August 2021
Dry bulk trade10.6% below August 2021
Break bulk trade6.7% above August 2021
Liquid bulk trade24.5% above August 2021
Motor vehicle imports25.6% above August 2021 (+8,531 units)

Trade outlook

Container trade for early September 2022 is tracking below the comparative month in 2021.

Supply chain

Globally, congestion and delays are still being seen however schedule reliability globally continues to improve.  Container freight rates continued to decline during August, although still well above pre-pandemic levels.

Trade volumes to Australia remain strong with vessel bunching and some congestion still being seen at several ports.  Locally the supply chain remains resilient and we continue to monitor the situation throughout peak season and ahead of the traditional ‘Golden Week’ holidays.

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