Port of Melbourne Trade Update – November 22

November container volumes decrease on the prior year

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November 2022 saw total container throughput (full and empty) down 8.4% over November 2021 with a total of 258,449 TEU.  Year to date container volumes are up 5.6%.

Full overseas imports were down 12.16% on November 2021 with domestic appliances, non-electrical machinery, ceramic goods, clothing, miscellaneous manufactures and metal manufactures all above last year’s volumes.

Full overseas exports were down 13.81% on November 2021, with wheat, pulp & waste paper, hay & fodder all below last year’s levels.

Total empty container movements were 4.4% above November 2021.

November 2022 trade performance compared with November 2021 was as follows:

Full overseas container imports (excl. transshipments)12.1% below November 20215.2% above FYTD22
Full overseas container exports (excl. transshipments)13.8% below November 20211.6% above FYTD22
Total empty containers moved4.4% above November 202113.9% above FYTD22
Bass Strait full container trade (excl. transshipments)16.9% below November 20215.4% below FYTD22
Full container transshipments16.4% above November 20217.0% above FYTD22
Dry bulk trade4.0% below November 20215.3% below FYTD22
Break bulk trade51.8% above November 202116.4% above FYTD22
Liquid bulk trade4.6% below November 20217.9% above FYTD22
Motor vehicle imports57.8% above November 2021

(+13,385 units)

Trade outlook

Container trade for December 2022 is tracking above the comparative month in 2021.

Supply chain

Globally, port congestion and schedule reliability is improving, but remains higher than pre-Covid averages with some ongoing disruption. Container freight rates continued to decline throughout November, although still remaining above pre-pandemic levels.

Locally the supply chain remains resilient, with minimal congestion and we continue to monitor the situation.

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