Melbourne Port System Industry Induction

Port of Melbourne hosts regular industry induction sessions through its Melbourne Port System Industry Induction (MPSII) program. The program benefits participants involved in the supply chain, including the shipping industry, freight forwarders and transport operators.

Program content

The sessions give an in-depth understanding of the relationship network which is integral to the efficient movement of freight.

An overview of the Melbourne port system covers current trends, projected forecasts and prospective challenges for the industry. Topics include port assets and infrastructure, trade profiles, road, rail, and the varying hours of operation.

The workshops also discuss:

  • who the major players are and how they interact
  • how the flow of information affects the flow of goods within the supply chain
  • the various challenges supply chain partners face in their day to day interactions.

Networking opportunity

Participants also have the opportunity to engage and network directly with a panel of industry experts representing a wide range of supply chain partners.

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