Safety & Environment Management Plan

The Safety and Environment Management Plan (SEMP) details the whole of port approach taken to improving safety and environmental performance within the Port of Melbourne.

Key activities addressed in the SEMP include those under Port of Melbourne’s direct control and those on which it has influence only.

Port of Melbourne Operations Safety & Environment Management Plan (PDF 6 Mb)

Safety & Environment Management Plan – Tenant Guideline

There is a requirement within the precedent lease for tenants of the Port of Melbourne to submit a Health and Safety Management Plan (HSMP) to Port of Melbourne Operations (PoM) prior to the commencement of their lease or prior to any change occurring in the nature of their operations or activities. This document aims to provide guidance on the construct of those HSMPs so minimum health and safety standards are maintained within the Port of Melbourne.

Port of Melbourne Safety & Environment Plan – Tenant Guideline