Year in Review: Industry Update

Message from the CEO

As we move into a new financial year, it is timely to thank industry for all their efforts to keep the port freight supply chain moving, and to provide an update on Port of Melbourne’s activities and our FY22 plans.

Lockdowns and restrictions have certainly affected everyone’s ability to meet and share ideas and information. Whilst this has certainly been a challenge to how we would all normally like to do business, we have all found different ways to engage with each other and stay in touch. Our COVID-19 and Stakeholder Updates have been well received throughout the last year and I trust that this Year in Review will help keep everyone just a little more connected.

Earlier this year we engaged through a mix of face to face and virtual forums on our 2021 Industry Update. We covered a broad range of topics and we asked participants to tell us how they want to hear from us, and how often.  I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to share their views through these forums.  One message from these forums was that industry would like more regular updates and briefings from us.

We’ve taken this on board, and this update is a response to your feedback. We always welcome feedback and questions, and would be happy to meet with you at any time.

As you all know, the port and freight industry has played such an important role in meeting the needs of our community and keeping the economy moving during the COVID-19 pandemic. The port has continued to operate 24×7, and the co-operation and extra effort from industry should be commended.

We have continued our focus on developing port assets and operational efficiencies through projects that assist the port freight supply chain.

You may be aware, we have been engaging on the berth extension project at Webb Dock East 4/5 and following this process we have made the decision to proceed with this project.

In addition, over the past 12 months we have talked about a number of other projects that will be a key focus in FY22.

This update highlights recent achievements, and provides an update on a number of our projects. Click here to read the full update.

As always, if you would like further information, please get in touch with your Port of Melbourne representative.

Brendan Bourke

Chief Executive Officer