2050 Port Development Strategy

The Port of Melbourne has released the first stage of its Port Development Strategy for industry and community discussion.

The 2050 Port Development Strategy sets out a roadmap for the future of the Port, providing a clear picture of the Port’s future plans, requirements and responsibilities.

We are proud of our strong relationships with industry and community members who continue to play a fundamental role in the Port’s growth. As Victoria has grown, we have grown with it.

Maintaining open, active and constructive dialogue provides valuable engagement around the Port’s planning, development and operations and is integral to ensuring our smart and responsible future performance.

Port of Melbourne hosted a series of community consultation sessions to discuss the Port Development Strategy and heard from our neighbours about the issues that matter most.

Stage 1 of the 2050 Port Development Strategy community consultations have now concluded.

We will be running Stage 2 consultations at a later stage. Please keep an eye on our website for details.

You can still view our Port Development Strategy here.