Port of Melbourne Trade Update – August 23

August 2023 container volumes decrease on the prior year

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Total container throughput in August 2023 was down against August 2022, with a total of 268,564 TEU.

Full container imports (excluding Bass Strait) volumes were down in August 2023 against prior year with domestic appliances, furniture and toys below last year’s volumes.

Full container exports (excluding Bass Strait) volumes were down against August 2022, with wheat, hay, chaff & fodder and raw cotton below last year’s volumes.

Total empty container movements were up in August 2023 against prior year’s volumes.

Total Container Trade August 2023 compared with August 2022:

Aug  23:-18.1k-6.3%
FYTD Aug 23:-27.7k-4.8%
Full Imports Excl. Bass Strait
Aug  23:-11.4k-9.6%
FYTD Aug  23:-16.7k-7.2%
Full Exports Excl. Bass Strait
Aug  23:-7.7k-13.0%
FYTD Aug  23:-8.0k-7.0%
Full Bass Strait
Aug  23:-0.4k-2.2%
FYTD Aug  23:-1.4k-3.9%
Full Transhipments
Aug  23:-0.0k-0.1%
FYTD Aug  23:+3.7k+13.4%
Empty Container Trade
Aug  23:+1.4k+1.9%
FYTD Aug  23:-5.4k-3.3%

Total Non-Container Trade August 2023 compared with August 2022 (Rev. Tonnes):

Aug  23:-27.8k-1.2%
FYTD Aug 23:-48.3k-1.0%
Motor Vehicle Trade (Units)
Aug  23:-1.1k-2.3%
FYTD Aug  23:+0.3k+0.4%
Liquid Bulk Trade
Aug  23:-117.2k-20.0%
FYTD Aug  23:+33.4k+3.2%
Dry Bulk Trade
Aug  23:+83.7k+17.6%
FYTD Aug  23:-14.5k-1.4%
Break Bulk Trade
Aug  23:-44.7k-23.7%
FYTD Aug  23:-139.7k-35.8%
Other Non-Container Trade
Aug  23:+71.9k+24.2%
FYTD Aug  23:+105.1k+17.0%