Port of Melbourne Trade Update – January 23

January container volumes decrease on the prior year

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Total container throughput (full & empty) in January 2023 were down 6.7% over January 2022 with a totalof 257,227 TEU. Year to date container volumes were down 2.6%.

Full overseas imports were down 11.1% on January 2022 with furniture, metal manufactures, domestic appliances, paperboard, toys & sports goods, all below last year’s volumes.

Full overseas exports were down 18.4% on January 2022, with hay & fodder, pulp & waste paper, and dried milk all below last year’s levels.

Total empty container movements were 2.7% above January 2022.

January 2023 trade performance compared with January 2022 was as follows:

Full overseas container imports (excl. transshipments)

-11.1% below January 2022

+0.5% above FYTD2

Full overseas container exports (excl. transshipments)-18.4% below January 2022-1.9% below FYTD22
Total empty containers moved+2.7% above January 2022+10.3% above FYTD22
Bass Strait full container trade (excl. transshipments)+1.3% above January 2022-2.0% below FYTD22
Full container transshipments36.9% above January 202212.7% above FYTD22
Dry bulk trade-18.8% below January 2022-2.4% below FYTD22
Break bulk trade-14.0% below January 2022+6.3% above FYTD22
Liquid bulk trade+30.9% above January 2022+7.7% above FYTD22
Motor vehicle imports-4.5% below January 2022 (+-464 units)

Trade outlook

Container trade for February 2023 is tracking below the comparative month in 2022.