Regulatory process

Under the Pricing Order (PDF), the Port of Melbourne is required to submit a Tariff Compliance Statement to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) by no later than 31 May each year. The Tariff Compliance Statement must explain how Prescribed Service Tariffs for the upcoming financial year comply with the Pricing Order.

The ESC is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the Port of Melbourne’s compliance with the Pricing Order.The ESC must conduct a public review of the Port of Melbourne’s compliance with the Pricing Order every five years and report its findings to the ESC Minister. To promote transparency and predictability in its approach the ESC will also publish interim commentary during the five year review period to set out its preliminary observations and views. This will allow the Port of Melbourne to be aware of and respond to any issues in advance of the ESC’s formal five-yearly review.

The ESC published its interim commentary on PoM’s 2017-18 Tariff Compliance Statement on 10 November 2017

Read more about the ESC’s roles under the regulatory framework here.

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